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Ultra Discreet Laundry Suction System

Send laundry to your laundry room from any room in your house!

Gone are the days of piles of dirty clothes in laundry baskets, bedrooms and bathrooms, waiting for someone to pick them up and take them to your laundry room. No more negotiating stairs with your face in armfuls of dirty laundry or heavy, bulky laundry baskets!

Looking for a laundry room idea to help you keep a clean and tidy home?

With Laundry Jet, everything has become much easier and fun.

Why throw dirty clothes on the floor when you can click a button and watch them almost magically fly off to the laundry room?!

Add our laundry system to your new home design or adapt it to your existing home and save time, keep your home clean, and automate that daily laundry chore for you and your family.

Landry jet.PNG
Laudry jet 2.jpg
laundry jet new small.png
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